“Your brother sent me something interesting this morning.” John grinned cheekily.

Sherlock huffed an annoyed sigh from the kitchen table; his eyes steeped right into the eyepiece of his microscope. “Interesting by whose standard?”

“Mine, I guess. You know, were cute when you were four…” The doctor tossed back casually. “…what happened?” He teased.

John couldn’t help but chuckle to himself when he heard Sherlock’s chair immediately push back with a low scrape. There was a brief breeze that accompanied the body of the consulting detective as he leaned over the chair – ignoring John’s personal space, as always, in order to view the content on his laptop.

“Oh god.” Sherlock groaned. His mouth turned down into a childish pout, which accompanied his furrowed brow brilliantly.

There was a picture of him,: Sherlock, age 4.

“Christ, you look just as severe then as you do now.” John muttered, glancing at the intruding head beside his. “But… cute as a button.”

Sherlock petulantly reached forward and closed the laptop. “I require a picture of you at the age of four to square the field. NOW, John.” He tantrumed.

I LOVE this set! Such an adorable concept!

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